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Selling without magic: 6 selling formulas you should try

Selling formulas of texts to landing pages, advertisements, contextual ads (ODC, PPPP, PmPHS, AIDA, 4U, 3Yes)
A lot of selling formulas were invented. Why? To faster and easier write texts that will sell.

We'll share the solutions that we use and that really work.

In the form of texts on websites, on landing pages, in emails, at different stages of the sales funnel, in the context of arbitration campaigns.

Selling formula AIDA AIDA is universal, when the goal is to attract attention. It’s very effective to write speeches, and sales letters based on AIDA, it’s at least the audience's attention and communicating ideas.

AIDA consists of 4 parts:

Attention. It is achieved through intrigue, provocation, paradox, breaking of patterns. It’s usually the title, the subtitle and sometimes even the first paragraph of a text. The modern audiences are considered to oversaturate with emotional feeding, so it’s often better to be more relaxed, but informative (it is very fairly for the webmaster…

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