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Programmatic dictionary: basic terms and definitions

1-Party Data is data of an advertiser, including information about users who interact in any way with the site (visits, registration, personal data etc.) or they are in the CRM database.

2-Party Data is indirect data obtained during previous advertising campaigns (social activity, clicks, views and reading).

3-Party Data is third-party data provided by a source to which the recipient is not related. The sources are the data exchanges and DMP, third-party sites, payment systems, e-mail distribution.

Ad Effectiveness is the impact of the advertising messages to the consumer, which is measured by the ratio of the costs for an advertising campaign and increase of sales. Financial and communication efficiency is allocated.

Ad Exchange is an advertising exchange, an intermediary in the process of digital trade in display advertising, which unites sellers and buyers of advertising resources; a technological platform for purchase/sale of advertising inventory, operating in real time and interacti…

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