15 Tricks to Protect Your Site from Google Penalties (Part III)

 Part III

     11. Be Sure That Your Website is Responsive:

     You need to be assured that you have a responsive website, which your visitors can easily access on any device. If you fail to own a responsive site, you are going to limit your reach as mobile visitors may expect to face some issues while visiting your website. With a mobile-friendly website, you can be able to achieve a huge chunk of traffic in addition to remaining on the similar playing field just like your competitors. So, the success of your sales and ranking is in your hands.


     12. Avoid Using Search Engine Directories Again and Again:

     Just like a virtual phone book, online directories let people find sites according to the relevant category. It is an excellent concept and also an easy way to get some legitimate backlinks towards your site. But, keep in mind that some of those directories are being penalized by the Google. So, you simply discuss with some peers and in turn, collect a list of certain directories in which you would like to submit your website. By this way, you can end up receiving bad backlinks from sites which are detected to be using unethical practices against Google.


    13. Don’t Use Hidden Texts:

     Are you a knowledgeable person in CSS, Cascading Style Sheets? If so, you may know how to give text in different colors. You can be able to make the text disappear by giving it in the color as similar to that of the background. You may think that you will trick Google by making it think that certain text will be available on your site, though it is not entirely visible to human readers. But, you must know that Google will penalize you for the practice of violating its policies.


    14. Never Use Comment Spam:

     Having too many irrelevant comments and links in the comment section of your site will let Google mark your site as spam. This strategy is often utilized by spammers to rank websites in a short time. But, Google has done a good job by being able to detect the tricks being performed by the dark side practitioners.


     15. Avoid Cloaking:

   In the world of information technology, there are many different definitions available for the term “cloaking”. Here, the term “cloaking” refers to a spam practice of search engine optimization which presents your content to the search engines in one way but completely shows different content to the human readers. This is considered to be another shortcut trick, which can make your site get penalized by Google.



     Most of the webmasters are now working hard with an intention to build their brand and reputation online and get top rankings in the Google SERPs. That’s a great goal. But, what people had done is violating the Search engine policies of Google instead of adhering to it. As an outcome, there is a huge drop in their search engine traffic along with getting penalized by the Google. So, you are required to play it as straightly as possible while running an SEO campaign for your website. 
     This list of the 15 SEO tricks was an attempt to help you in saving your website from Google penalties. You have all the tricks to deal with it. If you liked what the list mentions, don’t forget to share these 15 tricks with your friends and other webmasters. Also, if you are aware of some other tricks to help in this, feel free to mention it below in the comments.

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