20 Best Wordpress Plugins Ever (Part I)

Wordpress now officially powers an impressive 26% of the entire web. That means 1 in 4 websites is powered by the internet giant. What’s more, every day 500 new websites are created using Wordpress. 
That means that if you’re using Wordpress to power your site you have an abundance of company the world over. 
It also means that developers are creating amazing and diverse plugins to work with Wordpress almost as quickly as people are making the websites themselves.

This poses a conundrum though. With such a wealth of plugins, it is difficult to know which are the best at getting the job done. Never fear; we have you covered. We have compiled the 20 best plugins to use on your site and outlined why you should get each one today!

1. Yoast

We had to start with a contentious one. There are a good many detractors in the writing/SEO community that are not fans of Yoast. Nevertheless, it is brilliant for the majority of businesses that don’t have marketing budgets to splash on SEO. Yoast will format each webpage or blog post using a traffic light system to show you how to keep your website search engine friendly. Is it rudimentary? Yes. Does it work for most users? Yes, because some basic SEO practices are better than none.

2. Google XML Sitemaps

This is secondary to our mandatory Yoast download. It is a simple but effective plugin that formats your website in a way that search engines can better understand it. This allows them to index your site and correctly ascertain for example that your home page is your primary page. Sounds silly but search engine bots are not all that bright sometimes.

3. Backupwordpress

Another really simple one but again very important. Backupwordpress allows you to automatically back up your web content. We have all been in the position of a computer freezing and losing all of our hard work, Backupwordpress runs in the background and automatically saves your content as you go.

4. WooCommerce

If you want a shop on a Wordpress site, then WooCommerce is the plugin you need. It has a simple to use interface allowing easy installation. A vast range of features and complete peace of mind when it comes to streamlining your user transaction experience. This is a truly awesome plugin for any would be shop owners. The one downside is that sometimes a little coding knowledge is required if your theme is not compatible with WooCommerce.

5. Simple Ads

Want adverts on your website but concerned about where they will show up? After all you want your content to have pride of place. Simple Ads is as expected; simple. It allows you to control where and how adverts are displayed on your site meaning you can get back to making sure your content shines.

6. Disqus

If you want comments on your blog this is a great plugin to allow your readers to have their say. Chances are if you have commented on other blogs before then you will have already used Disqus as it is currently one of the most popular plugins on Wordpress as a whole. Simple, looks good and has great functionality.



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