20 Best Wordpress Plugins Ever (Part II)

We continue to review must-have plugins for Wordpress.

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7. Broken Link Checker

We mentioned this in our last blog here. This is a really good background plugin to have installed. It will make sure that all the links on your website take you to a page. No more 404 errors with this bad boy. Again basic functionality that goes a long way to improve your online reputation.

8. Widgets on Pages

This is a good solid plugin that makes it straightforward to put widgets on your webpages. Need to show a location map? Or perhaps opening hours? Or even those all important social media icons? Widgets on pages allows you to add to your webpages with widgets that improve overall functionality.

9. WP Limit Login Attempts

This and the next plugin are both designed to improve WP user safety and prevent unauthorised access to your website. After all who wants to be hacked by someone who is going to post spam all over your site? WP Limit Login Attempts limits the amount of attempts you have at logging into your WP site. This prevents hackers using attacks that bombard your login screen and forcing entry by eventually breaking the password.

10. Rename WP Login

This adds another level of security to your existing security measures, again in a very simple way. It changes your username from “wp-admin” to whatever you choose and therefore makes it a whole lot more difficult to break in. Coupled with number 9 on our list and you should be relatively safe with your personal access security.

11. WP Super Cache

Everyone that creates a content heavy website on Wordpress will have bugbears with speed and page load times. WP Super Cache is one of the most popular Wordpress plugins with more than 4 million downloads. We won’t get into the intricacies of how it works as it might be a bit taxing on the mind. Just be assured that it speeds up your website considerably.

12. Akismet

This is like a little comment enforcer that trawls through comments and filters out spam so you don’t have to. With Akismet installed you can sit back and relax as it goes about finding spam comments. It then flags them for you to remove as you wish.

13. Google Analytics +

This is a must have plugin for anyone that wants the convenience of tracking their users from their main dashboard as well as being able to work towards a better search engine ranking. Google Analytics + allows you to see who has visited, how long they were on the page, where they are from… The list goes on, ultimately with this wealth of information you have built a picture up of our “average visitor” which is great for marketing purposes.

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