20 Best Wordpress Plugins Ever (Part III)

The last part of the best plugins for Wordpress.

14. Fast Secure Contact Form

This helpful plugin is readily customisable to your site and allows you to create a contact form that gathers the information you want to know. It also allows contact to be secured with passwords and uses Akismet (Number 12) to filter out spam. A great trust building tool that opens up good communication with your visitors.

15. Disable Comments

Not all blog posts are created equal. Some you will want to encourage conversation, others you will want to silence your audience. This effective plugin allows you to select blogs and disable comments. This is particularly helpful if a posting is sensitive in nature or likely to attract trolls (nasty commentators).

16. Membership

If you want to create an exclusive environment for users, then this plugin is the go to option. It controls how members subscribe and payment options, it controls the level of access a member gets and can even work on a tiered basis. It truly works wonders if you have a site that could generate revenue or new clients through a membership platform.

17. Social Share Buttons

Ever shared something you have found online with a friend? Of course you have! Social share buttons are on page buttons that will instantly share a post to someone’s social media account. They can remain fixed on page or float around with the user as they read or look through. A brilliant plugin to get your message seen by a wider audience.

18. Redirectioner

You may already have broken link checker (number 7) but if there is a broken link it might not have been looked at by you in time. Redirectioner fixes the broken link problem in the most basic of senses. It takes your users to a page of the site that you can set as a default. Chances are if you have been redirected to a homepage before this was the plugin working behind the scenes.

19. Slider Revolution

This great plugin gives your website a visual edge, it has an easily accessible interface which allows you to create image slides, presentations and other on page wizardry. It is a doddle to use and can be done with little more effort than a click and drop to get the desired outcome.

20. OptinMonster

Last but not least is OptinMonster. Have you ever been on a site that has a popup that says subscribe? It normally appears right before you get to the bit of content you want to read. OptinMonster gives you the opportunity to place that lead generation functionality on your website. It is a bit brash, it is a bit in your face, but it is effective. OptinMonster are positive it will increase your subscriptions and with its good feedback and download history we are willing to bet it actually does.


So, there you have it. Our list. What did you think? Were there any plugins you expected but were missing? Have you had experiences that you want to share? Let us know in the comment section below and be sure to subscribe by clicking the icon above.


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