20 Guaranteed Ways to Kill Your Website (Part II)

Let's continue to talk about ways to kill you website.

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8. Not Tagging Images

Remember all those juicy and delightful images we told you to put on your blog? Well search engines want to find them too, except search engines don’t have eyes. You need to tag your images so that when search engines crawl your website they know what they are looking at and can bring your pages up in the image search results.

9. Not Having Call to Actions

It doesn’t matter what type of website you have, there will always be a purpose to it. Some people want to generate sales, some want a larger reader base, whatever the overall goal is, let your visitors know what to do. A simple “Buy now” button could be the difference between a profitable website and a non-profitable one.

10. Not Keywording

Like with the aforementioned tagging of pictures, not placing relevant keywords across an article makes it harder for a search engine to categorise exactly what your content is about. The key is to strategically target keywords to generate higher traffic to your site. Simple.

11. Keyword Stuffing

Point 10 was so simple right? Well, some websites go overboard on the keywording and it is a sure-fire way to turn off your next reader. While search engines won’t mind too much if a site has a keyword repeated endlessly your reader will. If they see content written for robots they will click away quick, this will have a detrimental effect on your search rankings as well because the search engines will see that people aren’t staying on your site long, so it must be trash.

12. Not Providing Communication Opportunities

Bit of a mouthful that one, but it is very straightforward. Having comment sections, opinion polls, user surveys etc allows your traffic to communicate with you. Yes, sometimes it isn’t what you want to hear, but criticism is always an opportunity to improve. Give your readers a voice and they will listen more attentively when you speak.

13. Spammy Adverts

It is very easy to get adverts onto your website nowadays. It can also be very lucrative and a great source of background income. But be wary of the type of adverts that users will see. Using AdSense and other ad programs can promote relevant products to your audience without detracting away from the content on your site. If you have a butcher’s website, do you really want a vegan diet advertised on your site? Be ad smart and make sure you know what is being advertised on your site.


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